Monday, August 1, 2011

School Visit

Sam writes this about the school visit "this is my favorite picture because it shows that these people truly care about their culture and are trying to preserve their history. The man told us what every dance meant to their people, one was when the boys acted like bulls.They don't want to forget their past, their old customs. When a country no longer remembers its history, whether the good or bad, they forget what all their ancestors did, the old customs they once had,they are less appreciative of what their ancestors did to give them the life they have now. Like in America a lot of us forget, therefore become ungrateful and self- serving. By teaching these young kids those dances, they preserve their history and won't forget as much or at such a rapid pace."

Butterfly Farm

Connor writes: "I picked this picture because first of all, considering my amateur photography skills, this looks pretty good, and secondly, I just thought it was so cool getting to see all of those animals at the Butterfly Gardens. I looked at it as a sort of natural zoo with all of the industrial stuff thrown in with it. Such a cool place and a great first morning!"

Blue Sky

Conner says: " I selected this photo because it really seemed the sky was bluer in Costa Rica. I don’t know if it was because of the good health of the environment, but just looking at the sky really showed how beautifully Costa Rica has been keeping their country."

Exciting Start!

Erin writes "I love this one because it brings back all the excitment of the very first morning that we were there. I was just so excited to see what would happen during the trip, and also that I got to share the experince with my best friend like Miss Haylee. Also, it reminds me of how much this trip challenged me and changed me even from the person I was in the picture. One of the best and coolest experinces of my life!!"

Vastness of His Creation

Kyle states: "this was my favorite picture from the trip because it shows how small we are in God's landscape. God's Creation is so much bigger than just humans. Hiking up to the volcano was extremely fun too!"

Plenty of Prayers Offered on the Bridge to Panama

AJ says: "walking on that bridge makes thankful for just having safe bridges, much less having a clean and safe society."