Monday, May 9, 2011

Addie W. Is Most Excited To See An Ocelot!!

The animal I’m hoping, and most excited to see is the Ocelot. I have admired and studied these beautiful cats for a few years and greatly desire to see one in real life. Their gorgeous coats and beautiful eyes stun me as well as their athleticism and camouflage.

The Ocelot is a medium sized cat and is found from Texas to North Argentina. They weigh between 20-40 pounds depending on gender, males being heavier. Ocelots have 30 teeth and have an incredible bite strength for their size. Mostly a nocturnal creature and most are solitary hunters, though some hunt in pairs and take down larger prey than their average 2 pound meal. I am extremely excited to see if we can find one of these amazing and beautiful cats!

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  1. Their biggest threat to am Ocelot is habitat destruction. The Ocelot was nearly hunted to extinction in the late 70’s through the 80’s and have been on the US Endangered Species List since then. It is now illegal to hunt them and they are making a comeback.