Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kyle C would love to see white tailed deer!

'm hoping to see a Costa Rican white-tail deer, which are smaller than the white-tail deer we have in the United States. Their colors range from gray to red with a white belly that is easier seen when they run. They can be found in the open dry forest land, especially near the Santa Rosa National Park. They like to eat grass, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The deer average 60 pounds and can live to 10 years. They protect themselves by jumping, swimming, and running up to 40 mph.

The white-tail deer were heavily hunted for leather goods and dog food in the 1940's; however, thanks to conservation efforts, they are again able to prosper as the National Symbol of Costa Rican wildlife. Man is still their primary enemy, but the jaguar and puma also hunt them in the wild. It would be neat to see them in their setting in Costa Rica, and how it is different from seeing their similar species in Texas.

Kyle - I'm glad you are already starting to think about the conservation theme of the trip.

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