Thursday, April 28, 2011

AJ is Most Excited about Seeing a White Nosed Coati!

This animal is an omnivore that has a very big appetite. It will eat lizards, plants, fruits and insects. Coatis usually travel in packs up to twenty four strong! While they travel in packs, they chatter back and forth making them easy to hear from ways away.

They are diurnal spending most of their time in the day foraging for food. They usually live in grasslands and forests where they will sleep in the trees. They are some mistaken for a raccoon because of their ringed tail but coatis hold there tails upright when walking, unlike raccoons.

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  1. The White-Nosed Coati lives in many countries with a few habitats. The White-Nosed Coatis that live in Costa Rica live in the forests, usually in a group of thirty. They are are becoming rare in the United States and Mexico because of habitat loss and food rarity. They are not hunted very often, but this can be a factor in local extinction because of small groups of the animals.