Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Which animals are you most looking forward to studying in Costa Rica?

In total, Costa Rica harbours 210 species of mammals, around 878 species of birds, 218 of reptiles, and over 35,000 species of insects. For your first assignment on the blog I'd like you to respond to my message by telling us a little about the indigenous animal that excites you most. There are several web sites that can give you a list of the special animals of Costa Rica.

My favorite is the Howler Monkey. I saw (and heard) these incredible primates last summer in Belize and they are amazing. I couldn't believe that such a loud noise was coming from such a small animal. Howler monkeys rarely travel on the ground, instead they per fer the canopy of trees for protection and transportation. One note of caution about these animals - stand too close to their tree and you get rained on - in a very bad way.

Source; Costa Rica Nature and Wildlife

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  1. The Howler Monkey is very dependent on a tree canopy for survival. Deforestation and urbanization would be very difficult for the Howler. There are reports that in areas where trees are being cut down, monkeys attempt to swing from electrical power lines and are being electrocuted.