Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dakotah is Most Interested in Seeing a Cacomistle!

The animal that I am looking forward to seeing in Costa Rica is the Cacomistle. It is a mammal that lives in the rain forest and is a relative of the raccoon. It spends most of its life in the treetops and is mostly nocturnal. It is an incredible climber and is very fast. It has not been reported to attack humans.

Dakotah, I think we are seeing several animals that appear related to the racoon family. Looks like we need a night hike to see all the nocturnal animals!

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  1. Cacomistle’s live in various habitats, most common in rocky terrain, such as jumbles of boulders, canyons, talus slopes, and rock piles. They are less common in wooded areas with hollow trees and sometimes seen around buildings. The cacomistle often inhabits deserted dwellings and Indian ruins.