Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Titius M. is Most Interested in Seeing a Poison Dart Frog!

I am most excited to see a poison dart frog. Outside of a zoo I have never seen a frog that has a different color then muddy green.

I think it is extremely interesting that local Costa Ricans use the flesh of poison dart frogs to kill other larger animals while hunting. Their skin is poisonous! Until tonight I never knew an animal could poison you
any way other than injection. Poison Dart frogs live on the rainforrest floor.

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  1. Poison Dart Frogs need a humid, rainforrest like habitat in order to flourish, like that of Costa Rica and other countries in Central and South America. Poison Dart Frogs live in wet shrubland forrests, freshwater marshes, lakes and swamps. They typically live close to the ground but can live as was as 30 or so feet off the ground in trees. There are over 175 known species of poison dart frogs, many of which are considered critically endangered.