Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chris S. Is Most Excited about Seeing a Sloth!

I have always wanted to see a sloth because I hear they are incredibly lazy because they usually spend 18 hrs a day sleeping(Would be fun for a day!)and in Costa Rica, a 3 fingered sloth exists (type of sloth)! At maximum speed a sloth can travel 1 mile in 4 hours!!!!!!!! He can practically fly by you. I cannot wait to see these fun animals XD.

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  1. The Sloth is the world's slowest moving animal, therefore God gave it the ability to climb high trees and stay suspended upside down for hours and even days if necessary. The sloth has a very tight grip, allowing the sloth to stay upside down while it eats, drinks, and sleeps. Their primary habitat is on land, upside down in a very tall tree where it can spend 18 - 20 hours a day sleeping. The sloth also has a secondary habitat of the water.

    The sloth is also a suprisingly good swimmer. They have been known to drop down from trees direclty into rivers and swim very well. The sloth is faster in the water than it is on land. Though they do not spend much time in the water, the sloth is able to move around and enjoy itself while in the water.When they are done, they usually go right back to their high tree and sleep.