Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Connor D. is Most Excited To See a Fer-de-lance!

I am most excited for the fer-de-lance, which is the most dangerous and common snake (but don't worry, with new advancements in medicine, the fatality rate is less than 1%!). Fer-de-lance is actually the North American name for them. In South America, they refer to them as two different types, Bothrops Apex (which is a bit more down Southwards) and the Bothrops asper which we'll encounter.

I have these really irrational fears, but I'll like to be scared. For example, I'm scared of heights but I love to ride roller coasters. Snakes scare me, but I've always liked to be near (near as I can be, mind you) to see them interact. Fer-de-lance like to hide under leaves and roots during the day, and they can be spotted with their brown skin and diamond patterns. The males have a yellow tip on their tail, and the young are brighter. The scariest part to me is the fact they are very aggressive and excitable, making them unpredictable. Their venom has a corroding element to it, and if not treated soon, the skin will begin to die around it. Also, the female is the dominant of the species, being larger than the male and weighing more. A part of me hopes we really see them, and the more sensible side of me says I hope we don't get into any trouble! I think they fascinate me the most just because they prove how diverse God's creation is! What a fascinating animal!

Connor, I'd be happy NOT to see this snake unless it is behind glass :)

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  1. Fer-de-lance live mostly in Central America. They live on the jungle floor where they can hide underneath large leaves, roots, and rock structures. It is not uncommon for fer-de-lance to linger around farmlands, as they love to hunt chickens, and have been reported to go inside homes to search for rats. The fer-de-lance is threatened from deforestation of the jungle, which is harming many animals.