Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Logan M. is Most Looking Forward to Seeing a Kinkajou!

The animal that I am looking forward to seeing in Costa Rica is the Kinkajou. It is a mammal that lives in the rain forest and is a relative of the raccoon. It spends most of its life in the treetops and is mostly nocturnal. It has a long tail and a face that I think looks like a lemur's. They may appear cute, but some have been known to attack their owners holding on with their claws and tail!

Dr V.: I had the chance to see these on a night hike in Belize! Logan is right, they are only active in the dark.

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  1. The Kinkajou lives in a tropical forest habitat and is mostly nocturnal. In their current habitats, they are not threatened, but are hunted for their dense fur and food. I would also think that deforestation would have an impact on the Kinkajou's habitat, and possibly endanger it.